TRC-721 Token Issuance

1 Create a TRON Account

Install the Chrome extension of TronLink to get ready for your issuance. You may create a new account in three ways:

  • create a new account

  • restoring from a mnemonic phrase, private key or Keystore

  • connect to a hardware wallet

350 TRX is required in your account as the minimum.

2 TRC-721 Code Modification

You may modify the file of TRC721Token.sol to customise the name and symbol of the token. Remember to save your changes.

TRC-721 contract template: template

3 Deploy a TRC-721 Smart Contract

Deploy with tronscan: Contract Compiler

3.1 Connect to the Wallet

3.2 Upload Contract Codes

3.3 Compile the Contract

Please choose the compiler version between 0.5.14 and 0.5.5

Click ‘Confirm’ to compile. Compilation succeeds with this:

3.4 Deploy the Contract

Remember to choose TRC721Token, for it is the main contract.

Click Confirm to deploy. There will be a pop-up from TronLink, click Accept to sign.

4 Minting an NFT Token

Log in to Tronscan with your wallet, and use the contract address to open the deployed TRC-721 contract. Here, take the TZ4NjvdqyCbWmZxXEEAb3bXhfT8f6YGxJd contract on the Nile test net as an example:

  • Choose 'Contract', 'Write Contract'
  • Find the mintWithTokenURI method, fill in the to_address, tokenId, and the tokenURI corresponding to coral.json


Metadata URI

Refer to Uploading NFT MEtadata to BTFS Network for the generation of metadata URI.

  • Click 'send', then accept the signature. A 'true' will be displayed if the token was mint successfully

5 Record TRC-721 Token

Record with Tronscan: Record tool

  • Select token type

Select the TRC721 token and click Yes.

  • Enter TRC721 token information
    Enter the basic information, contract address and social media information of the token. Fields with "*" are required information.
    Please note that record must be logged in with the deployer address.

Confirm all information required for the TRC721 token, click Submit.

You will see a popup from Tronlink asking for your signature. Click Accept to sign the message.

  • Token successfully recorded

6 Mobile Wallet adds TRC-721 tokens and transfer TRC-721

  • Click the Add Assets button
  • Click the search button
  • Input TRC-721 contract address and click add button

TRC721 added successfully

  • Click TRC-721 token, for example Wendy
  • Click Wendy 721 in List collectibles
  • Click send for transfer TRC-721
  • Input address for receiving and enter your password for wallet
  • Transfer successfully