Other TRC10 Interfaces

Serial numberInterface nameInterface Description
1easytransferassetbyprivateeasy transfer TRC10 token with your private key
2easytransferasseteasy transfer TRC10 token with your password
3getassetissuebyaccountQuery the TRC10 token issued by the account
4getassetissuebyidQuery TRC10 tokens by token id
5getassetissuebynameQuery TRC10 tokens by token name
6getassetissuelistbynameQuery TRC10 Token List by token name
7getassetissuelistQuery the list of all TRC10 tokens.
8getpaginatedassetissuelistQuery the list of TRC10 tokens by page
9unfreezeassetUnfreeze TRC10 tokens that have ended their freezing period.
10updateassetUpadte TRC10 token information