Serial numberInterface nameInterface Description
1[easytransferassetbyprivate](🔗)easy transfer TRC10 token with your private key
2[easytransferasset](🔗)easy transfer TRC10 token with your password
3[getassetissuebyaccount](🔗)Query the TRC10 token issued by the account
4[getassetissuebyid](🔗)Query TRC10 tokens by token id
5getassetissuebynameQuery TRC10 tokens by token name
6getassetissuelistbynameQuery TRC10 Token List by token name
7[getassetissuelist](🔗)Query the list of all TRC10 tokens.
8[getpaginatedassetissuelist](🔗)Query the list of TRC10 tokens by page
9[unfreezeasset](🔗)Unfreeze TRC10 tokens that have ended their freezing period.
10[updateasset](🔗)Upadte TRC10 token information