# Abstract

Tron-IDE is an online editor that helps developers develop smart contracts. It has the characteristics of modularity, and provides editing, compiling, deploying, and debugging smart contracts in the form of plug-ins. If you have experience using remix, then using Tron-IDE will be more familiar and convenient. If you are a beginner, please read the following.

# Environment

  • Chrome No matter what system your computer is, you need to install Chrome browser first. Chrome browser is the carrier of Tron-IDE.

  • TronLink Tron-IDE needs to configure account and node through the TronLink wallet. Search for the keyword '[TronLink](🔗)', you can install it. If you don’t know about TronLink, here is how to use [it](🔗)

  • URL http://www.tronide.io


Please be patient, it will take a few seconds for the first load.