# Purpose

The purpose of it is to set up a complete private network for Tron development by Docker. #Build


**_ Minimum Hardware Requirements _**

  • CPU: 64-bit x86_64, 2+ Cores

  • RAM: 4 GB+


  • The latest version Docker

  • Node.JS Console

Pull the image using Docker:

Run the container:


  • The --rm option automatically removes the container after it exits. This is very important because the container cannot be restarted; it MUST be run from scratch to configure the environment correctly.

Verify the image is running correctly: After entering the command form shell1, contents like shell2 will be displayed


  • If Redis-server, nodes, or the event server are not running, exit and rerun the container.

View the log of a full node:

# Usage

## Options

Use -e flag to pass environmental variables to the docker. Example:

List of options:

  • accounts=12 sets the number of generated accounts

  • useDefaultPrivateKey=true tells Quickstart to use the default account as accounts[0]

  • mnemonic=wrong bit chicken kitchen rat uses a specified mnemonic

  • defaultBalance=100000 sets the initial balance for the generated accounts (in the example to 100,000 TRX)

  • seed=ushwe63hgeWUS sets the seed to be used to generate the mnemonic (if none is passed)

  • hdPath=m/44'/60'/0'/0 sets a custom bit39 hdPath

  • formatJson=true formats the output

  • preapprove=... pre approved proposals (see below for more help)

Pre-approved proposals

To pre-approve, for example, getMultiSignFee and allowMultiSign, you can run the images as:

Complete list of proposals: https://api.trongrid.io/wallet/getchainparameters

## Available testing accounts

  • base58

  • hexstring:

  • Both formats

## Add accounts

## Fixed accounts

Two ways to use the same accounts each time:

  • Passing a mnemonic to the docker

  • Using accounts-data/accounts.json, put your own private keys in the privateKeys array, and run the container.

## TronBox 2.1+ configuration

Configure the tronbox.js file as:

## TronWeb configuration

Instantiate tronWeb as following:

Interact with the private network is by using TronWeb from the container:

## RPC

Set the ports when starting the docker image to interact with the private network via RPC.


  • Running TronBox can put a lot of stress on the local network. If the FullNode is busy, it returns the "SERVER_BUSY" error. If it does, just repeat your command.

## Version

## Source code