This article mainly explains the event plug-in deployment steps, including: MongoDB, Tron event subscribe plugin, Tron Event Query Service deployment commands, and detailed introduction to the Tron Event Query Service interface.

# Suggested Configuration

  • CPU/ RAM: 16Core / 32G

  • DISK: 500G

  • System: CentOS 64

# Plugin logic

  • Tron event subscribe plugin's function is to get event information from nodes and store it in MongoDB

  • MongoDB's function is to save event information

  • The function of Tron Event Query Service is to provide the encapsulated http interfaces to get event information from MongoDB.

# Deploy Tron Event Subscribe Plugin

  • Configure node configuration file Append at the end of the node configuration file. Here is an example. See also

Field parsing

  • path: is the absolute path of "" or ""

  • server: Kafka server address or mongodb server address

  • dbconfig: this is mongodb configuration, assign it to "" for kafka plugin

  • topics: each event type maps to one Kafka topic, we support four event types subscribing, block, transaction, contract log and contract event.

  • triggerName: the trigger type, the value can't be modified.

  • enable: plugin can receive nothing if the value is false.

  • topic: the value is the kafka topic or mongodb collection to receive events. Make sure it has been created and Kafka process is running

# Deploy MongoDB

Write the created data and log folder to the configuration file (absolute path) Configuration file example:


  • bind_ip must be configured to,otherwise remote connection will be refused.

  • wiredTigerCacheSizeGB, must be configured to prevent OOM

# Deploy Tron Event Query Service

After the command is successfully executed, the jar package is generated under the troneventquery/target, and the configuration file is generated. The path is troneventquery/config.conf. The configured content is:


  • The default port is 8080. If you want to change it, modify the script troneventquery/ nohup java -jar -Dserver.port=8081 target/troneventquery-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 2>&1 &

# Load plugin in Java-tron and verification

# Use Event Query Service

  • Main HTTP Service