Unstake some TRX staked in Stake2.0, release the corresponding amount of bandwidth or energy, and voting rights (TP)

Unlock the TRX staked at the Stake 2.0 stage through this interface. After unstaking, the user needs to wait for 14 days before calling the /wallet/withdrawexpireunfreeze interface to withdraw the funds of this unstaking.

When executing unstaking, if there are unclaimed voting rewards, the voting rewards will be withdrawn to the account first; if there is a previously unstaked funds that has passed the lock-up period, then this unstaking operation will also withdraw the unstaked funds that has passed the lock-up period to the account at the same time. You can query the voting reward withdrawn and the amount of funds withdrawn in this transaction through gettransactioninfobyid API.


Transaction object - JSON object: Unsigned transaction, please refer to the Transaction chapter for the fields contained in it. Since the transaction type is UnfreezeBalanceContract, the fields contained in raw_data.contract[0].parameter.value in the transaction are as follows:

owner_addressstringAccount address
resourcestringResource type
unfreeze_balanceint64Unstake amount, unit is sun
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