Estimate the energy required for the successful execution of smart contract transactions. (Confirmed state)


  • This API is closed by default. To open this interface, the two configuration items vm.estimateEnergy and vm.supportConstant must be enabled in the node configuration file at the same time.
  • The wallet/triggerconstantcontract API can be used to estimate the energy consumption value of calling most smart contracts on the chain, such as USDD, USDT, USDC, TUSD, etc. Meanwhile, Compared to the existing wallet/triggerconstantcontract API, wallet/estimateEnergy API will be more accurate in estimating the energy consumption of calling a small number of special contract. But for FullNode, enabling the wallet/estimateEnergy API is optional. So please pay attention that when developers call wallet/estimateEnergy, if the error message shows that the node does not support this function when calling the new API (this node does not support estimate energy), it is recommended to continue using the wallet/triggerconstantcontract API to estimate energy consumption.
  • estimateenergy will not generate an on-chain transaction, nor will it change the status of the current node.
  • The energy_required field in the returned value is the energy estimated amount. Therefore, the fee_limit of the transaction can be set to energy_required x energy unit price.
  • Parameter encoding and decoding example: Parameter and return value encoding and decoding


resultReturnRun result
result.resultboolIs the estimate successful
result.coderesponse_code(enum)response code, an enum type
result.messagestringResult message
energy_requiredint64Estimated energy to run the contract
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