Query the resource information of an account(bandwidth,energy,etc)


freeNetUsedint64Free bandwidth used
freeNetLimitint64Total free bandwidth
NetUsedint64Used amount of bandwidth obtained by staking
NetLimitint64Total bandwidth obtained by staking
TotalNetLimitint64Total bandwidth can be obtained by staking by the whole network
TotalNetWeightint64Total TRX staked for bandwidth by the whole network
totalTronPowerWeightint64The total amount of voting rights obtained by the whole network
tronPowerLimitint64TRON Power(vote)
tronPowerUsedint64TRON Power(vote) used
EnergyUsedint64Energy used
EnergyLimitint64Total energy obtained by staking
TotalEnergyLimitint64Total energy can be obtained by staking by the whole network
TotalEnergyWeightint64Total TRX staked for energy by the whole network
assetNetUsedmap<string, int64>The amount of free bandwidth of each TRC10 asset used by the account
assetNetLimitmap<string, int64>The amount of free bandwidth for each TRC10 asset in the account
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