All parameters that the blockchain committee can set


chainParameter - ChainParameters[]: A list of dynamic parameter objects. Each dynamic parameter contains the following fields:

keystringparameter name
valueint64parameter value

The following table introduces the meaning of each dynamic parameter:

IDParameter NameDescriptionCurrent Value
0getMaintenanceTimeIntervalThe maintenance time interval6 Hour
1getAccountUpgradeCostThe cost of applying for SR account9999TRX
2getCreateAccountFeeWhen creating an account, if the creator’s account does not have enough bandwidth obtained through staking, then the value corresponding to this parameter needs to be burned to pay for the bandwidth0.1TRX
3getTransactionFeeBandwidth unit price0.001TRX
4getAssetIssueFeeTRC10 asset issuance fee1024TRX
5getWitnessPayPerBlockSR block generation reward16TRX
6getWitnessStandbyAllowanceThe rewards given to the top 27 SRs and the following 100 partners, currently deprecated115200TRX
7getCreateNewAccountFeeInSystemContractThe cost of account creation in the system contract1TRX
9getAllowCreationOfContractsActivate the Virtual Machine (VM)1
10getRemoveThePowerOfTheGrPropose to remove the GR Genesis votes-1
11getEnergyFeeEnergy unit price0.0042TRX
12getExchangeCreateFeeThe cost of trading pair creation1024TRX
13getMaxCpuTimeOfOneTxThe maximum execution time of one transaction80ms
14getAllowUpdateAccountNamePropose to allow duplicate account name1
15getAllowSameTokenNamePropose to allow duplicate token name1
16getAllowDelegateResourcePropose to allow resource delegation1
17getTotalEnergyLimitCurrently deprecated50000000000
18getAllowTvmTransferTrc10Propose to allow the TRC-10 token transfer in smart contracts1
19getTotalEnergyCurrentLimitPropose to modify the total Energy limit90000000000 ENERGY
20getAllowMultiSignPropose to allow the initiation of multi-signature1
21getAllowAdaptiveEnergyPropose to allow adaptive adjustment for total Energy0
22getUpdateAccountPermissionFeeThe fee for updating account permission100 TRX
23getMultiSignFeeThe fee for multi-signature1 TRX
24getAllowProtoFilterNumPropose to enable protocol optimization0
26getAllowTvmConstantinoplePropose to support Constantinople Upgrade for TVM1
29getAdaptiveResourceLimitMultiplierPropose to modify the adaptive Energy limit1000
30getChangeDelegationPropose to support the decentralized vote dividend1
31getWitness127PayPerBlockPropose to modify the block voting rewards given to the top 27 SRs and the following 100 partners160 TRX
32getAllowTvmSolidity059Propose to allow TVM to support Solidity 0.5.91
33getAdaptiveResourceLimitTargetRatioPropose to modify the adaptive Energy limit target10
35getForbidTransferToContractPropose to ban transferring TRX and TRC10 tokens to smart contracts via TransferContract or TransferAssetContract0
39getAllowShieldedTRC20TransactionPropose to enable the function of verifying zero-knowledge proof in TVM1
40getAllowPBFTPropose to enable PBFT consensus0
41getAllowTvmIstanbulPropose to enable TVM Istanbul instruction1
44getAllowMarketTransactionPropose to allow enabling DEX0
45getMarketSellFeePropose to modify fees for creating orders on DEX0
46getMarketCancelFeePropose to modify fees for cancelling orders on DEX0
47getMaxFeeLimitProposal to modify the upper limit of the fee of a smart contract15000 TRX
48getAllowTransactionFeePoolProposal to open reward pool for transaction fee0
49getAllowOptimizeBlackHoleProposal to optimize black hole accounts1
51getAllowNewResourceModelPropose to enable the new resource model0
52getAllowTvmFreezePropose to enable the function to stake/unstake balance in virtual machine contracts during stake1.0 period0
53getAllowAccountAssetOptimizationPropose to enable the optimization of account assets0
59getAllowTvmVotePropose to enable TVM contract voting1
60getAllowTvmCompatibleEvmPropose to initiate EVM-compatible mode for TVM0
61getFreeNetLimitPropose to modify the upper limit of free Bandwidth for each account600 Bandwidth
62getTotalNetLimitPropose to modify the upper limit of total Bandwidth frozen43200000000 Bandwidth
63getAllowTvmLondonPropose to support London Upgrade for TVM1
65getAllowHigherLimitForMaxCpuTimeOfOneTxPropose to allow raising the maximum of MaxCpuTimeOfOneTx net parameters to 4001
66getAllowAssetOptimizationPropose to enable account asset optimization1
67getAllowNewRewardPropose to open a new reward algorithm1
68getMemoFeePropose to modify the memo charges1 TRX
69getAllowDelegateOptimizationPropose to open the proxy storage optimization1
70getUnfreezeDelayDaysPropose to enable the new staking mechanism that allows specifying the lock-up days of staked assets14
71getAllowOptimizedReturnValueOfChainIdPropose to allow optimizing the return value of the chainid command1
72getAllowDynamicEnergyPropose to allow enabling the dynamic energy model1
73getDynamicEnergyThresholdPropose to modify the threshold of the dynamic energy model3000000000
74getDynamicEnergyIncreaseFactorPropose to modify the increase factor (in basis points) of the dynamic energy model2000
75getDynamicEnergyMaxFactorPropose to modify the maximum increase factor (in basis points) of the dynamic energy model12000
76getAllowTvmShangHaiPropose to allow TVM to support Shanghai upgrade1
77getAllowCancelAllUnfreezeV2Propose to allow cancellation of all unstakings1
78getMaxDelegateLockPeriodPropose to allow optimization of delegating resource lock and set the maximum lock period (number of blocks)864000
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