Delegate bandwidth or energy resources to other accounts in Stake2.0.

Transaction object - JSON object: Unsigned transaction, please refer to the Transaction chapter for the fields contained in it. Since the transaction type is DelegateResourceContract, the fields contained in raw_data.contract[0].parameter.value in the transaction are as follows:

owner_addressstringAccount address
resourcestringResource type
receiver_addressstringResource receiver address
balanceInt64Resource delegate amount, the unit is sun
lockboolWhether to lock the resource delegation, true means locked the delegation, the delegating cannot be canceled within the period specified by lock_period, false means non-locked, the resource delegating can be canceled at any time
lock_periodInt64Lock period, the unit is block interval(3 seconds). Only when lock is true, this field is valid. If the delegate lock period is 1 day, the lock_period is 28800.
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