In Stake2.0, query the detail of resource share delegated from fromAddress to toAddress

delegatedResource - List: Resource delegation list, each resource delegation information includes below fields:

fromstringowner address
tostringrecipient address
frozen_balance_for_bandwidthint64amount of TRX staked for bandwidth delegated from from address to to address
frozen_balance_for_energyint64amount of TRX staked for energy delegated from from address to to address
expire_time_for_bandwidthint64Lock-up period deadline for bandwidth delegation, in millisecond
expire_time_for_energyint64Lock-up period deadline for energy delegation, in millisecond

Note that if the field value is 0 or null, the field will not be displayed in the returned result. For delegation deadlines, expire_time_for_bandwidth or expire_time_for_energy will be 0 if no lock is specified when delegating resources, and does not been displayed.

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