Activate an account. Uses an already activated account to activate a new account. Users have to generate an account locally with wallet-cli or others SDKs like TronWeb, and then use this API to activate the account generated, or just simply transfer TRX to it.


Transaction - JSON object: Unsigned transaction, please refer to the Transaction chapter for the fields contained in it. Since the transaction type is AccountCreateContract, the fields contained in raw_data.contract[0].parameter.value in the transaction are as follows:

owner_addressstringTransaction initiator address
account_addressstringAccount address to be activated
typeintAccount type. The external account type is 0, and this field will not be displayed in the return value



  • The expiration time of the http api creation transaction is 1 minute, so to complete the on-chain, you need to complete sign and broadcast the transaction within 1 minute after the creation.
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