Verify the signature of the typed data value with types data structure for domain using the TIP-712 specification.


tronWeb.trx.verifyTypedData(domain, types, value, signature, address);

Input Parameters

ParameterDescriptionData Type
domainDomain separator. This field is to prevent collisions with other transactions on the network or messages with the same structure.JSON
typesType definition of Typed DataJSON
valueThe value of Typed DataJSON
signatureSignature to be verifiedString
addressSigned account address (Base58 format or Hex format)String


bool - true if verify successfully, else return error Signature does not match.


// All properties on a domain are optional
const domain = {
  name: 'TRON Mail',
  version: '1',
  chainId: '0x2b6653dc',
  verifyingContract: 'TUe6BwpA7sVTDKaJQoia7FWZpC9sK8WM2t'

// The named list of all type definitions
const types = {
  Person: [
    { name: 'name', type: 'string' },
    { name: 'wallet', type: 'address' }
  Mail: [
    { name: 'from', type: 'Person' },
    { name: 'to', type: 'Person' },
    { name: 'contents', type: 'string' }

// The data to sign
const value = {
  from: {
    name: 'Cow',
    wallet: 'TUg28KYvCXWW81EqMUeZvCZmZw2BChk1HQ'
  to: {
    name: 'Bob',
    wallet: 'TT5rFsXYCrnzdE2q1WdR9F2SuVY59A4hoM'
  contents: 'Hello, Bob!'

const signature = await tronWeb.trx._signTypedData(domain, types, value);

const result = await tronWeb.trx.verifyTypedData(domain, types, value, signature);
// verification result: true