verify signature of a hex formatted string. Deprecated, please use signMessageV2 and verifyMessageV2 to sign and verify strings


tronWeb.trx.verifyMessage(hexMsg, signedMsg, address)

Input Parameters

ParameterDescriptionData Type
hexMsghex formatted stringString
signedMsgsignature of the stringString
addresssignature address(base58 or hex)String


bool - true if verify successfully, else return error


// sign a string message

var str = "helloworld"; 
// convert to hex format and remove the beginning "0x"
var hexStrWithout0x = tronWeb.toHex(str).replace(/^0x/, '');
// conert hex string to byte array
var byteArray = tronWeb.utils.code.hexStr2byteArray(hexStrWithout0x)
// keccak256 computing, then remove "0x" 
var strHash= tronWeb.sha3(byteArray).replace(/^0x/, '');
// sign 
var signedStr = await tronWeb.trx.sign(strHash).replace(/^0x/, '');
var tail = signedStr.substring(128, 130);
if(tail == '01')
    signedStr = signedStr.substring(0,128)+'1c';
else if(tail == '00')
  	signedStr = signedStr.substring(0,128)+'1b';

// verify the signature
var res = await tronWeb.trx.verifyMessage(strHash,signedStr,'TPNcZ1j55FrGpsaw6K6rVjuL4HfT8ZbBf7')