tronbox-web3 is a TronBox plugin for integration with Truffle projects. Using the tronbox-web3 plugin will allow you to use TronBox in projects written for Truffle.

Required plugins

Before using this plugin, you need to Install TronBox.


To install, execute the following command in your project directory:

npm install tronbox-web3

Then, to your .js file in your test directory, add the following:

const [web3, provider] = require('tronbox-web3')(new Web3(Web3.givenProvider), ganache.provider());


  1. Execute tronbox init in your Truffle project. This command will generate a configuration file tronbox-config.js in the root directory. This file is used to configure network information and other project-related settings.
  If there is no package.json file in your project, execute `npm init -y` first
  1. Now, in your Truffle project, you can use TronBox commands such as tronbox compile, etc.
  Due to the differences between TRON and Ethereum, compatibility errors may occur during execution using TronBox, which needs to be resolved manually according to the error message.