Returns all events matching the filters.


API Change

Applies Starting From TronWeb 2.1.31

This new API function differs from the previous function in that it takes in an additional 3 parameters in the optional object input. These additional 3 parameters are onlyConfirmed, onlyUnconfirmed, and fingerprint.


tronWeb.getEventResult(contractAddress, options);

contractAddress - String : Contract address.
options - Object : (optional) The filter conditions, including the following fields:

Options ParameterDescription
sinceTimestampSpecifies the starting timestamp of the query, in milliseconds, default value is the current time. The query can be forward or reverse lookup specified by the sort parameter.
eventNameName of the event to filter by.
blockNumberSpecific block number to query
sizemaximum number returned
onlyConfirmedIf set to true, only returns confirmed transactions.
onlyUnconfirmedIf set to true, only returns unconfirmed transactions.
fingerprintWhen the data volume of the query result is large, the returned result of one query will not contain all the data, and it takes multiple queries to obtain the complete data. Therefore, the fingerprint field will appear in the last piece of data in the returned result. After specifying this field as the content of the fingerprint in the result of the previous query in the next query, the query will return subsequent data. If there is no such field in the last data of the query result, it means that there is no more data
sortSpecify the query order, whether to query forward or backward from the sinceTimestamp. The value can be 'block_timestamp' for time sequence or '-block_timestamp' for the reverse. Default is '-block_timestamp'.

Promise Object(Array) : Contract events.


> tronWeb.getEventResult("TUPz3wD356e3iV337s4cnjQS2weUdhX5ci",{eventName:"RNGIterated",size:2}).then(result => {console.log(result)})
Promise { <pending> }
> [
    block: 615212,
    timestamp: 1577440164000,
    contract: 'TUPz3wD356e3iV337s4cnjQS2weUdhX5ci',
    name: 'RNGIterated',
    transaction: 'a8929bcfb8a7337d6c8c5850b5ed63cdd09ff17bbde46dad07b2c1f20c427e89',
    result: {
      index: '41796',
      rng: '3f7bf1c50a01cbcb980360effa904e0e11880af8daeeb2f8da686b7b3e5d9a50',
      timestamp: '1577440164'
    resourceNode: 'solidityNode'
    block: 615205,
    timestamp: 1577440143000,
    contract: 'TUPz3wD356e3iV337s4cnjQS2weUdhX5ci',
    name: 'RNGIterated',
    transaction: 'fa9e91282de9eb462efabea838c2d0465602312a87ded06524c87d8afafd743d',
    result: {
      index: '41795',
      rng: 'bf190910aa5293ab12f644eb723b5460340e3ec11ac073124147e5fc92ca44d2',
      timestamp: '1577440143'
    resourceNode: 'solidityNode',
    fingerprint: '2TBTeOqO3x2kJDyxT'