Query the TRC10 token information issued by an account.


assetIssue - AssetIssueContract[], a list of issued TRC10 tokens, where each AssetIssueContract contains the following fields:

idstringtoken ID
owner_addressstringissuer address
namestringtoken name
abbrstringtoken abbr
total_supplyint64total supply
frozen_supplyFrozenSupply[]The number of tokens to be frozen is specified by the issuer of the token when it is issued
trx_numint32Define the price by the ratio of trx_num/num(The unit of 'trx_num' is SUN)
numint32Define the price by the ratio of trx_num/num(The unit of 'trx_num' is SUN)
start_timeint64ICO start time
end_timeint64ICO end time
descriptionstringtoken description
urlstringToken official website url, default hexString
free_asset_net_limitint64Token free asset net limit
public_free_asset_net_limitint64Token public free asset net limit for a account
public_free_asset_net_usageint64The total number of token free bandwidth used by all token owner
public_latest_free_net_timeint64The timestamp of the last consumption of this token's free bandwidth
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