New API Service


The new TronGrid API service provides user-friendly Read APIs with significantly reduced latency, improved consistency, improved availability, and added partition tolerance. The new APIs are working on Mainnet only at the moment. More APIs and support for Shasta are to come in the near future. Existing TronGrid APIs and TronWeb functions remain available and the same.

Highlighted Changes


Latency has been significantly reduced. The following three APIs, which were previously disabled due to high computational cost, are back in one API with fast performance:

  • /walletextension/gettransactionfromthis
  • /walletextension/gettransactiontothis
  • /walletextension/gettransactionrelatedto


APIs requiring pagination will return the fingerprint of the last item at the end of the list. This parameter can be used to avoid duplicates in the following request since new data are added into the database every 3 seconds.


New APIs support versioning.

Parameters and Filters

Parameter and filter names are clear and in a consistent format. Address now supports both Hex and Base58. A variety of filters are provided to help users fine-tune results.

Visit the API Reference to learn how to use the new APIs.