TRON Power (TP) is needed to vote and the amount of TP depends on the voter’s frozen assets(TRX).

TP is calculated in the following way: 1 TP for 1 frozen TRX.

Every account in the TRON network has the right to vote for SRs candidates.

After the release(unfreeze), you don't have any frozen assets and lose all TP accordingly. As a result, all votes become invalid for the ongoing and future voting round unless to freeze again to vote.

Note that the TRON network only records your most recent vote, which means that every new vote will negate all previous votes.
The ranking is based on the candidates' votes. The top 27 are called super representatives, 28-127 are super partners, and 128 or less are super representative candidates.The votes will be counted every 6 hours, so super representatives and super partners may also change every 6 hours.
To prevent vicious attack, TRON network burns 9999 TRX from the account that applies to become a super representative candidate.


  1. Candidate Reward(Vote Reward): 127 individuals updated once every 6 hours will share 1,152,000 TRX. The reward will be split in accordance to the votes each candidate receives. Total reward for candidates will be 1,681,920,000 TRX each year.
  2. Super Representative Reward(Block Reward): The TRON Protocol network will generate one block every 3 seconds, with each block awarding 16 TRX to Super Representatives. A total of 168,192,000 TRX will be awarded annually to 27 Super Representatives.
  3. There will be no inflation on the TRON network before January 1, 2021, and the TRON Foundation will award all block rewards and candidate rewards prior to that date.

Each time a Super Representative finishes block production, rewards are sent to the sub-account in the superledger. Super Representatives can check, but not directly make use of this asset. A withdrawal can be made once every 24 hours, transferring the reward from the sub-account to the Super Representative’s account.

Rewards Calculation

Total Rewards = Vote Reward x brokerage ratio+ Block Reward x brokerage ratio

Super representative brokerage

The default ratio is 20%, which can be modified by the super representative, that is, the super representative will get 20% of the reward, and the other 80% will be awarded to the voters. If the brokerage ratio is set to 100%, the rewards are all obtained by the super representative; if set to 0, the rewards are all sent to the voters.

Vote Rewards

  • Vote rewards are 160 TRX every block, with a block generated every 3 seconds1, and 20 blocks per minute.
  • Voting statistics counted every 6 hours, with SRs changing based on vote results.
  • For all 127 SR individuals, the vote rewards per day are calculated as follows:
    160 (TRX/block) x 7200 (blocks/election) x 4 (elections/day) = 4,608,000 (TRX/day)2.
  • For each candidate, the daily Vote Rewards = 4,608,000 x (# votes / # total votes) x 20%

1It may take slightly longer than 3 seconds due to machine speed and network jitter.
2Reward may be less than the theoretical number due to missed blocks.

Block Rewards

  • Block rewards are 16 TRX every block, and SRs create blocks one by one.
  • Block rewards per day:
    16 (TRX/block) x_7200 (blocks/election) _x 4 (elections/day) = 460,800 (TRX/Day)
    For each super representative, the daily Block Rewards = 460,800/27 x 20%

Voter Rewards

  • Calculated by default super representative or super partner brokerage ratio means that 80% of the rewards are distributed to his voters, and each vote corresponds to a reward of 6 hours = 80% x 7200 (block/election) x 160 /total votes + 80% x 7200 (blocks/election) x 16 / 27 / sr votes). 'Total votes' is the total number of votes for the entire network, and 'SR votes' is the number of votes the super partner receives. Therefore, each voter needs to know the super representative or super partner brokerage ratio, total votes and sr votes to calculate the reward, this data will also be open to everyone.

Take one of the top 27 super representatives as an example:


Vote Rewards: 4,608,000 x 2.19% x 20% = 20,183 TRX
Block Rewards: 460,800 / 27 x 20% = 34,13 TRX
Total Rewards: 20183 + 3413 = 23596 TRX
This SR receives about 23596 TRX total rewards per day.
Voter Rewards:
votes x 80% x 28800(blocks/day) x( 160/ total votes + 16 / 27 x(votes / sr votes))

Take one of the super representative candidate from 28 to 127 as an example


Vote Rewards: 4,608,000 x 1.09% x 20%= 10045 TRX
Block Rewards: 0TRX
Total Rewards: 10045 + 0 = 10045 TRX
This SR receives about 10045 TRX total rewards per day.
Voter Rewards:
votes x 80% x 28800(blocks/day) _x_160/ total votes

For estimating SR voting reward and SR rank by specific votes amount, please use Tron Station voting reward tool to calculate.

Users can use the blockchain explorer to get SR information.
SR information is as follows :

  • Delegate's account address
  • Total votes the delegate received
  • Delegate's website url
  • Total number of blocks produced by the delegate
  • The total missed blocks of delegate



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