The GreatVoyage-v4.4.2(Augustinus) has three essential updates: The new execution model of opcode boosts the TVM performance; individualized LevelDB parameters improve the database performance; and the newly added log filter APIs make the JSON-RPC API more comprehensive.


1. TVM Opcode Execution Model Optimization

The opcode execution model of the interpreter in TVM is optimized in GreatVoyage-v4.4.2(Augustinus). The performance of TVM is proven to have a great boost through testing.

Source Code:


1. Newly Adding ETH compatible log filter for JSON-RPC APIs.

Log filter related APIs are available from GreatVoyage-v4.4.2 for compatibility with Ethereum JSON-RPC API.

Source Code:

Other Changes

1. LevelDB Databases Performance Optimization

Parameters of each LevelDB database have been individualized by the I/O frequencies from GreatVoyage-v4.4.2(Augustinus). This will significantly boost the database performance.

Source Code:

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