## Tron-Web Object

_Creates an instance of the Tron-Web javascript library. This encapsulates all related modules in addition to utility functions._

## Set Default Block


_Sets the default block used as a reference for all future calls._

BlockBlock Height or ID

## Set Address


_Sets the address used with all Tron-Web API's. Does not sign any transactions._

AddressAddress of account.

## Get Event Result

`tronWeb.getEventResult("TVJ6njG5EpUwJt4N9xjTrqU5za78cgadS2", "BUY");`

_Returns all events._

Contract AddressAddress of contract.
Contract NameName of contract.

## Set Private Key

**Warning:** Do not use this with any web/user facing Tron-Web instances. This leaks the private key.


_Set a private key used with the TronWeb instance, used for obtaining the address, signing transactions, and getting balances._

Private KeyPrivate key of account.