# Committee

Committee can modify the TRON network parameters, like transacton fees, block producing reward amount, etc. Committee is composed of the current 27 super representatives. Every super representative has the right to start a proposal. The proposal will be passed after it gets more than 19 approves from the super representatives and will become valid in the next maintenance period.

# Proposal

Only SRs, Partners and Candidates can create a proposal. The network parameters can be modified([min,max]). {0,1}: 1 means 'allowed' or 'actived', 0 means no.

Column Title
Column Title
Column Title
0getMaintenanceTimeInterval (To modify the maintenance interval of SR)6 Hours [3 * 27, 24 * 3600] s
1getAccountUpgradeCost (To modify the cost of applying for SR account)9999 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
2getCreateAccountFee (To modify the account creation fee)0.1 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
3getTransactionFee (To modify the amount of TRX used to gain extra bandwidth)10 Sun/Byte [0, 100000000000] TRX
4getAssetIssueFee (To modify asset issuance fee)1024 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
5getWitnessPayPerBlock (To modify SR block generation reward)16 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
6getWitnessStandbyAllowance (To modify the rewards given to the top 27 SRs and the following 100 partners)115200 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
7getCreateNewAccountFeeInSystemContract (To modify the cost of account creation)0 TRX
8getCreateNewAccountBandwidthRate (To modify the consumption of bandwith of account creation)1 Bandwith/Byte
9getAllowCreationOfContracts (To activate the Virtual Machine (VM))1 {0, 1}
10getRemoveThePowerOfTheGr (To remove the GR Genesis votes)1 {0, 1}
11getEnergyFee (To modify the fee of 1 energy)10 Sun [0, 100000000000] TRX
12getExchangeCreateFee (To modify the cost of trading pair creation)1024 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
13getMaxCpuTimeOfOneTx (To modify the maximum execution time of one transaction)50 ms [0, 1000] ms
14getAllowUpdateAccountName (To allow to change the account name)0 {0, 1}
15getAllowSameTokenName (To allow the same token name)1 {0, 1}
16getAllowDelegateResource (To allow resource delegation)1 {0, 1}
18getAllowTvmTransferTrc10 (To allow the TRC-10 token transfer in smart contracts)1 {0, 1}
19getTotalEnergyCurrentLimit (To modify current total energy limit)50000000000
20getAllowMultiSign (To allow the initiation of multi-signature)1 {0, 1}
21getAllowAdaptiveEnergy (To allow adaptive adjustment for total Energy)0 {0, 1}
22getUpdateAccountPermissionFee (To modify the fee for updating account permission)100 TRX
23getMultiSignFee (To modify the fee for multi-signature)1 TRX
24getAllowProtoFilterNum (To enable protocol optimization)0 {0, 1}
26getAllowTvmConstantinople (To support the new commands of Constantinople)1 {0, 1}
27getAllowShieldedTransaction (To enable shielded transaction)0 {0, 1}
28getShieldedTransactionFee (To modify shielded transaction fee)10 TRX [0, 10000] TRX
29getAdaptiveResourceLimitMultiplier (To modify the adaptive energy limit multiplier)1000 [1, 10000]
30getChangeDelegation (Propose to support the decentralized vote dividend)1 {0, 1}
31getWitness127PayPerBlock (Propose to modify the block voting rewards given to the top 27 SRs and the following 100 partners)160 TRX [0, 100000000000] TRX
32getAllowTvmSolidity059 (To allow TVM to support solidity compiler 0.5.9)0 {0, 1}
33getAdaptiveResourceLimitTargetRatio (To modify the target energy limit)10 [1, 1000]

## Create a Proposal

Example (Using wallet-cli):


  • In TRON network, 1 TRX = 1000_000 SUN

## Vote for a Proposal

Proposal only support YES vote. Since the creation time of the proposal, the proposal is valid within 3 days. If the proposal does not receive enough YES votes within the period of validity, the proposal will be invalid beyond the period of validity. Yes vote can be cancelled.

Example (Using wallet-cli):

## Cancel Proposal

Proposal creator can cancel the proposal before it is passed. Example (Using wallet-cli):

## Query Proposal

<a href="https://developers.tron.network/reference#walletlistproposals" target="_blank">List Proposals Full Node HTTP API</a>

<a href="https://developers.tron.network/reference#listproposals" target="_blank">List Proposals TronWeb API</a>

<a href="https://developers.tron.network/reference#walletgetproposalbyid" target="_blank">Get Proposal by ID Full Node HTTP API</a>