# How to deploy java-tron after modularization

After modularization, java-tron is launched via shell script instead of typing command:

`java -jar FullNode.jar` still works, but will be deprecated in future.

# Download

# Compile

Change to project directory and run:

java-tron-1.0.0.zip will be generated in java-tron/build/distributions after compilation.

# Unzip

Unzip java-tron-1.0.0.zip

After unzip, two directories will be generated in java-tron: `bin` and `lib`, shell scripts are located in `bin`, jars are located in `lib`.

# Startup

Use the corresponding script to start java-tron according to the OS type, use `*.bat` on Windows, Linux demo is as below:

# JVM configuration

JVM options can also be specified, located in `bin/java-tron.vmoptions`: