# Introduction

This guide walks the user through the TRON Quickstart (v2.0.0) image setup. The image exposes a Full Node, Solidity Node, and Event Server. Through TRON Quickstart, the user can deploy DApps, smart contracts, and interact via the TronWeb library.

<span id="dependency"> # Dependencies </span>

**Minimum Hardware Requirements**

  • CPU: 64-bit x86_64, 2+ Cores

  • RAM: 4 GB+

**Docker** Please refer to the Docker official website to download and install the latest Docker version:

**<a href="https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac/install/" target="_blank">Docker Installation for Mac</a>** **<a href="https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/install/" target="_blank">Docker Installation for Windows</a>**

**Node.JS Console** This will be used to interact with the Full and Solidity Nodes via Tron-Web.

**<a href="https://nodejs.org/en/" target="_blank">Node.JS Console Download</a>**

**Clone TRON Quickstart**

# Setup TRON Quickstart

## TRON Quickstart Build

Navigate into the cloned `docker-tron-quickstart` directory and perform the build.

## TRON Quickstart Run

Run the `docker run` command to launch TRON Quickstart. TRON Quickstart exposes port 9090 for Full Node, Solidity Node, and Event Server.

_Run Output:_

# MetaCoin DApp

The cloned TRON Quickstart repository contains a MetaCoin DApp located in the folders `test` -> `metacoin-box`. After setting up the TRON Quickstart private network, you can deploy the MetaCoin DApp. Open another terminal, and execute the commands below:

# TronBox 2.1+ Configuration

The MetaCoin DApp bundled with TRON Quickstart has a pre-configured `tronbox.js` file. However, in creating your own DApps for TRON Quickstart testing, you will need to configure the `tronbox.js` file for connecting to the 9090 port:

# TronWeb Interaction

TronWeb is the best way for your DApp to interact with the TRON Quickstart private network. To use TronWeb, instantiate it as follows:

# Known Issues

**The "SERVER_BUSY" error**

Running TronBox can heavily stress the local network. If the FullNode is busy, it returns the "SERVER_BUSY" error. If the error is returned, just repeat the command.

# Docker Commands

A few Docker commands are useful for managing the TRON Quickstart Docker container on your machine.

To list all active containers on your machine, run:


To kill an active container, run: