Deploying a Smart Contract

trident-java allows you to deploy a smart contract by ABI and bytecode.

Compile the Smart Contract

Compilation to bytecode is performed by the Solidity compiler, solc.

To compile the Solidity code run:

$ solc <contract>.sol --bin --abi --optimize -o <output-dir>/

The --bin and --abi compiler arguments are both required to deploy your smart contract with Trident-Java.

Deploy the Smart Contract

The smart contract is being ready to be deployed with the compiled ABI and bytecode:

ApiWrapper wrapper = ApiWrapper.ofMainnet("hex private key");
String byteCode = "bytecode";
String abi = "ABI";
Contract cntr = new Contract.Builder()
                                    // .setCallValue()
                                    // .setName()
                                    // .setConsumeUserResourcePercent()
                                    // .setOriginEnergyLimit()
TransactionBuilder builder = cntr.deploy();


Call value

An error will occur if passing a call value to a non-payable constructor.

Deploy with Params

Take this simple contract as an example:

//SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract test {
    uint256 public param;
    constructor (uint256 p) {
        param = p;
    function t () public returns (uint256) {
        param += 1;
        return param;

Set the initial value for param:

List params = new ArrayList<Type>(); 
params.add(new Uint256(15));
//deploy with param

trident-java will return the transaction hash after a successful broadcast.