[TronLink](🔗), similar to MetaMask, allows TRON DApp to run in the browser without deploying TRON FullNode. If the user has installed TronLink in the Chrome extension, then TronLink will inject tronWeb and tronLink objects into each browser page. This will allow the web DApp to interact with the TRON network.

Let's look at it with a simple example.


The demo in this article needs to rely on the development software or http server to run through the access side. Take the development software WebStorm as an example, click on the browser to visit the demo page.


Please refer to [documentation](🔗) for other functions used by TronWeb.

## New Variable Description


Tronlink chrome v3.22.0 starts to support tronLink object injection, Tronlink APP Android and IOS versions will start to support tronLink object injection in v4.3.4.

## User Authorization

Raise the authorization box so that users can authorize account information to the Dapp website

200User acceptance of authorization
4000In the queue, no need to duplicate commits
4001User refusal to authorize

## Signing

In the process of completing a transaction, TronWeb needs to get TronLink to sign it. The signing process is done in TronLink, and then the signed transaction is returned to TronWeb for broadcast. Let's understand it by an example.

When executing the code to tronweb.trx.sign(tx), TronLink will pop up a window to confirm the signature.

Please refer to [documentation](🔗) for other functions used by TronWeb.