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TronLink Integration

TronLink, similar to MetaMask, is a bridge for allowing TRON DApps to run in the browser without having to deploy a TRON Full Node. If a user has TronLink already installed in the Chrome extension, then TronLink injects a version of TronWeb into every browser page. This allows for the web DApp to interact with the TRON network. Let's learn it with a simple example:

should actually be :

async componentDidMount() {

    await new Promise(resolve => {
        const tronWebState = {
            installed: !!window.tronWeb,
            loggedIn: window.tronWeb && window.tronWeb.ready

        if(tronWebState.installed) {
            return resolve();

TronWeb interacts with the DApp as such:

If a user does not have TronLink or a similar application installed, then they most likely also don't have TronWeb in the browser when they use your web DApp. In this case, you can write a function that checks for tronWeb in the window object, and defines the HTTP ports for the user. The function can be written as below:

window.onload = function() {
  if (!window.tronWeb) {
    const HttpProvider = TronWeb.providers.HttpProvider;
    const fullNode = new HttpProvider('');
    const solidityNode = new HttpProvider('');
    const eventServer = '';
    const tronWeb = new TronWeb(

    window.tronWeb = tronWeb;

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TronLink Integration

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