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Event Decoding in Transaction Info


Events are an import functionality to help developers confirm, check, and search for the specific status of the smart contract. This article explains how to decode events and obtain the result from the transactionHistory database.

Solidity Event Example:

contract EventExampleContract {
    event Transfer(address indexed toAddress, uint256 amount);
    constructor() payable public{}
    function contractTransfer(address toAddress, uint256 amount){
        emit Transfer(toAddress, amount);

Event Structure

Solidity uses LOG instruction to record event information in a transaction. The structure in protobuf is as follows:

message TransactionInfo {
  enum code {
    SUCESS = 0;
    FAILED = 1;
  // LOG Structure represent single event
  message Log {
    bytes address = 1;
    repeated bytes topics = 2;
    bytes data = 3;
  bytes id = 1;
  int64 fee = 2;
  int64 blockNumber = 3;
  int64 blockTimeStamp = 4;
  repeated bytes contractResult = 5;
  bytes contract_address = 6;
  ResourceReceipt receipt = 7;
  // A list of LOG represent list of events in a transaction
  repeated Log log = 8;
  code result = 9;
  bytes resMessage = 10;

  string assetIssueID = 14;
  int64 withdraw_amount = 15;
  int64 unfreeze_amount = 16;
  repeated InternalTransaction internal_transactions = 17;
  int64 exchange_received_amount = 18;
  int64 exchange_inject_another_amount = 19;
  int64 exchange_withdraw_another_amount = 20;
  int64 exchange_id = 21;

Decoding Events Example

The smart contract ABI for the solidity smart contract above is:


The corresponding event ABI is:


Use gettransactioninfobyid to get the transaction result:

289C4D540B32C7BC56953E55631F8B141EB86434                          // contract address
69ca02dd4edd7bf0a4abb9ed3b7af3f14778db5d61921c7dc7cd545266326de2  // topics[0]
000000000000000000000000E552F6487585C2B58BC2C9BB4492BC1F17132CD0  // topics[1]

Check along with ABI:

  • topics[0] is 69ca02dd4edd7bf0a4abb9ed3b7af3f14778db5d61921c7dc7cd545266326de2. It is the result of keccak("event(address,uint256)").

  • topics[1] is 000000000000000000000000E552F6487585C2B58BC2C9BB4492BC1F17132CD0. It is the first indexed param (toAddress) with type address.

  • data is 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001. It is the param without being indexed (amount) with type uint256.